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Swish Travel Teams Update

I'm excited about the new direction for Swish Travel Teams (SGB Competitive) in 2024. Our FINAL middle school tryout for the 2024 spring season will be held on February 22nd at Fowler Park Recreation Center. Due to the gym conditions at Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church, our first and ONLY tryout for HS girls will be held at Fowler Park on the 22nd as well. For a long time I've had mixed feelings about travel basketball. Some have referred to it as a "necessary evil". Girls need to be able to compete and develop confidence, but it shouldn't require giving up your entire week 50 weeks out of the year. However, it seems that's what youth sports has degenerated into. Parents face unprecedented stress as they move from 7 days per week during the winter (school & feeder ball combined) and then into a heavy spring schedule. It's overwhelming and unhealthy. Enter SGB Competitive, an exciting hybrid of competitive travel teams and all-girls training. We've created the most family friendly, balanced program you will find anywhere. Here's some of the highlights.


  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Four-To-Make-Two Practice Schedule

  • Ideal For Multi-Sport Athletes (Or those who just want more balance!)

  • Internal Weeknight Games

  • Optional Tournament Play

We will no longer be asking families to sacrifice their entire weekend for basketball. We know we won't be the program for everyone but we've received incredible feedback on this idea already. Once a week, and on alternating nights, we will play internally. No longer will these games be limited to Friday nights. We'll take one of our regular practice nights each week to play. These opportunities are one of the highlights of our program as young ladies have a chance to cut loose and try new things without worrying about wins/losses, tournament seeding, etc.. This type of play is vital to their development as players!

FINAL Tryout/Evaluations


5th/6th Grade Girls

Thursday, February 22nd

5:45 to 7:15 PM

Fowler Park Recreation Center

7th/8th Grade Girls

Thursday, February 22nd

7:20 - 8:50 PM

Fowler Park Recreation Center

High School Girls

Thursday, February 22nd (NEW DATE/TIME/LOCATION!)

7:20 - 8:50 PM

Fowler Park Recreation Center

FEE: $15 Per Session

Online Registration is required!

All practices will be held at either Fowler Park Recreation Center or Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center.

For more information, please see out Swish Travel Teams page. For those who are not ready for this level of play but would be interested in our girls only training groups, please see our Swish Girls Basketball page. 


We're looking forward to an exciting spring and summer in 2024.  It all starts the week of February 26th.

For more info:, (770) 995-0198

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