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At Swish Atlanta we don't believe becoming an elite player should require an elite income. Our goal is to provide year round quality training at affordable fees. Although our special emphasis on shooting skill development puts us right at the heart of the game's greatest need, our programs are geared toward developing complete players.

The program will give players and teams immediate access to the techniques used consistently by the world's top shooters. Accuracy and range will dramatically improve.

At Swish Atlanta we've developed a very exciting format for our small group and camp programs that we call Competitive Skill Development

Our primary focus has been and will continue to be on decision training and skill development with an emphasis on offensive skills. In 2022, we'll have divisions starting with 6th grade!

Take a look at our opportunities for individual, small group and team training. Sessions can be held at your gym or scheduled at our primary location

We are excited to announce two great ways for your school, organization or group to raise needed funds through Swish Atlanta. Take a look at the options and contact us!

We have a saying at Pro Shot, “Learn to shoot and you will play. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately and you will play somewhere in college.” Improve your shot today!

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