The Pro Shot Academy is the most thorough shooting and scoring instruction offered by Pro Shot System. The Academy includes the six element foundation we call the F.O.R.E.S.T. and so much more. Each player will have their shot analyzed and video recorded to help keep them on track in future workouts. A heavy emphasis on understanding how you miss and learning to self-coach will give each player the foundation they need to move forward and become the best shooter they can be. 

At Pro Shot, we believe strongly that if you learn to shoot you will play. Learn to shoot quickly and accurately and you will play somewhere in college. This is not just marketing. It's our conviction. The Academy is the ultimate shooting instruction designed to set the course for this level of success. Please see the panel to the right for a downloadable flyer and register for your next opportunity below.

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Available Dates

Bet watching for an announcement very soon!

Various locations across the Southeast US..

***Bring your own ball, snacks and drinks.
(Only Clear Water Allowed In Gym!)

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