Swish Girls Basketball - What Do We Look For?

Whether it's our all girls training programs or our competitive girls travel teams, Swish Atlanta is always looking for special young ladies. However, we don't define special the same way other organizations do. We don't look for the so-called elite athletes - a word greatly overused to the point of being almost meaningless in today's youth sports culture. We're not looking for superstars who feel they should carry the team or be catered to. So what do we mean by special? We're looking for humble, hard working kids that appreciate when someone invests in their lives and are a joy to coach and play alongside. The kind of player we are looking for is summed up best by former Wisconsin head coa

Swish Girls Basketball: What It Is & Is Not!

Interest is exploding in our Swish Girls Basketball program, especially among the very under served age group that includes 4th and 5th graders. We are thrilled with the interest and number of registrations we've had so far. Swish Girls Basketball is a very unique concept and, as a result, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what it is people are signing up for. I would highly recommend everyone review our page devoted to this program (Swish Girls Basketball) along with the other news articles related to the program. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from the last few weeks. Is This A League? No, and for a very good reason. We are all about player development and st

Swish Girls Basketball: A Travel Ball Alternative!

Travel ball or not to travel ball, is that your question? Are you looking for a high energy opportunity for your daughter to get better in a way that won't stretch your family too far? You love your daughter, but you're just not sure about the high team fees, travel costs, long weekends and more? Swish Atlanta has just the right opportunity for you. While your daughter's internal competition (teammates) are learning someone else's presses and plays during the off-season, she'll be working on her ball handling, shooting, finishing, spacing, defensive footwork and more. She'll return a much better player. The others will just have played in a lot of games. Is Playing In Concerts The Way T

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