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Welcome to Swish Club!

Swish Club is our follow-up program only offered to our serious Pro Shot Students. Each participant must have had at least one Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development session to assure they have the foundation for all that we teach with regards to shooting. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!


Only players that have demonstrated the following will be allowed to participate: 



Commitment to Pro Shot

Swish Club members have an obvious commitment to perfecting their shot using Pro Shot techniques. Players that just want to come to the gym and shoot will not be invited or kept in this group.

Dedicated to the Process

Beyond a commitment to good technique, players must be dedicated to the process. An integral part of the process is time. Swish Club members will demonstrate this dedication in their regular attendance at Pro Shot/Swish Club events. Though Swish Club members will never be expected to make every event, it will be obvious when players are truly committed and understand the importance of repetition.


Coachability is the willingness to be corrected and to act on that correction. When we are coachable, we are prepared to be wrong. We can withstand a high degree of candor. We are willing to let others evaluate our performance because we understand that the journey of personal development cannot be traveled alone.

Non-Toxic Attitude

Swish Club players are generally enjoyable to be around. Swish Club will become an oasis for players that are tired of bad attitudes. We will have a zero tolerance policy for toxic behavior.


Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church (GHBC)
Fowler Park Recreation Center (FPRC)


- Previous Pro Shot Shooting Skills Required!

- Co-Ed, Rising 6th-College

- Bring Your Own Ball

- $25 each session

- Space VERY Limited for maximum repetition.

We'll be back SOON - Summer of 2024!

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