Pro Shot Academy - What's the Big Deal?

We are now one night away from the highlight of our summer and the nation's first Pro Shot Academy of 2019. If you're unfamiliar with Pro Shot you may be asking yourself, "So what's the big deal?". The big deal is, in this era of an increasing importance being placed on outside shooting, Swish Atlanta is bringing the world's most complete and successful shooting system within your reach. As you'll see from the videos and Testimonies you'll find scattered all over our sites, Swish Atlanta and Pro Shot System come highly recommended by some of the best minds in the game. To see for yourself, read on and/or hop on over to our social media sites. Follow us to stay in touch. Facebook: https://w

Swish Girls Basketball - A Rec & Travel Ball Alternative!

This spring Swish Atlanta introduced a new concept in off-season basketball for young ladies from 6th through 8th grade. Swish Girls Basketball has been on the drawing board for quite some time as an answer to some of the problems associated with both rec and traditional travel basketball. After years of hearing parents complain that they were investing so much time and money but their daughter's weren't getting better, I knew it was time to offer something different. We know why this happens. Rec programs have a few practices and they're right into the season. Travel basketball isn't much better. Coaches and programs put far more emphasis on preparing to win games than developing players. T

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