2021Girls Travel Teams - Tryout Updates
(High School Tryout Rescheduled For February 20th!)

Though our tryouts for 3rd through 8th grade have now been completed, we always have opportunities to look at new players. In essence, our girls tryouts run all year long through our skill development programs.

We have room for more 3rd through 5th grade girls!


For more information regarding these as well as older divisions, please contact Bill Formella @ (770) 995-0198.

High School Girls Are Up Next!

Tryout 1 - High School Girls: Saturday, February 20th
7:30 to 9:00 PM: 9th through 11th Grade

Fee: $20    Online Registration

Tryout Location
Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church
1867 Azalea Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Practice Location
Old Atlanta Recreation Center
810 Nichols Road
Suwanee, GA 30024


  • Two Training Sessions Per Week (6th Grade & Up)

  • One Training Session Per Week (3rd through 5th Grade)

  • Friday Night Internal Games (On Non Tournament  Weeks)

  • 5+ Tournaments (Forsyth & Surrounding Counties)

  • Start Date: March 1st, 2021

  • End Date: End of May, 2021

For more info: bill.formella@gmail.com, (770) 995-0198

Swish Atlanta has a unique approach to travel basketball. We are developers and not gatherers. Rather than search for the best athletes we can find every spring, we look for good, hard working kids that we want to invest in. We want to create a culture that is set apart from a lot of the ugliness associated with youth and travel sports.  Our practices look more like intense skill development sessions as the focus is on the players and not on the success of the organization. We measure our success based on our player's success with their teams the following winter.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Players that seriously want to get better and are willing to work hard.

  • Players that are humble and know they have more questions than answers.

  • Players that want to be coached and told the truth when it's given for their best interest.

  • Players that truly want to learn the game.

  • Families that want something different than the ugliness that typically surrounds youth and travel sports.

  • Parents who understand their role and are content to play that role and not one of the other three (coach, referee, player).

How do you know if you should pass this opportunity up?

  • Players who aren't serious about the game but just want something fun to do.

  • Players who do spring basketball just because their parents want them to stay busy and in shape.

  • Parents who want to coach from the stands and distract their daughters during games.

  • Parents who fail to understand how difficult it is to officiate and why we're losing officials at a rapid pace. (You'll never see me chew out referees!)

  • Parents who feel their daughter is a gift to the organization and should be the star of the team. We teach and play true team basketball - The Beautiful Game!


Our primary focus has been and will continue to be on skill development with an emphasis on offensive skills including ball and decision making skills. We don't spend our time teaching plays and presses to make the organization look strong. We teach them how to play the game.


We're looking forward to an exciting spring and summer in 2021.  It all starts the week of March 1st. For more information reach out to Bill Formella at 770-995-0198 or bill.formella@gmail.com.