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2024 Girls Competitive Teams

Thank you to all who tried out for our 2024 Spring teams. Our tryouts have now been completed and out teams set. However, stay tuned for summer and fall opportunities coming soon.


We've created the most family friendly, balanced program you will find anywhere. Plus, our flexible scheduling is ideal for multi-sport athletes and those with heavy extracurricular schedules.


That's right. We will no longer be asking families to sacrifice their entire weekend for basketball. We know we won't be the program for everyone but we've received incredible feedback on this idea already. Arrangements have already been made with several tournament directors to only schedule us on Fridays and Saturdays.


After finalizing our rental times in Forsyth county, we have just expanded our program from three nights to FOUR nights of available training! Players will have four opportunities per week but need to commit to at least two. Practices will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday according to the following schedule:

Monday & Wednesday - Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center, Suwanee, GA

Tuesday & Thursday: Fowler Park Recreation Center, Cumming, GA



Once a week, and on alternating nights, we will play internally. No longer will these games be limited to Friday nights. We'll take one of our regular practice nights each week to play. These opportunities are one of the highlights of our program as young ladies have a chance to cut loose and try new things without worrying about wins/losses, tournament seeding, etc.. This type of play is vital to their development as players!


Our internal training and game play will be available to all ages from 5th grade on up and  our primary emphasis will be personal player development! However, should we have enough players ready to field a competitive team in a particular division, we will make outside tournament play available for a small fee per tournament. By handling it this way, you will find that our fees our WAY under industry standards, creating an incredibly valuable player development opportunity.

Stay Tuned For Summer Tryout Schedules


Online Registration will be available as soon as the schedule is set!

Practice Locations:


Fowler Park Recreation Center

4110 Carolene Way

Cumming, GA 30040

Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center
810 Nichols Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024

Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church
1868 Azalea Drive

Lawrenceville, GA 30043


Program Features:


  • Four Available Training Sessions Per Week

  • Ten + Internal Game Play Opportunities

  • Optional Outside Tournament Play

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Players that seriously want to get better and are willing to work hard.

  • Players that are humble and know they have more questions than answers.

  • Players that want to be coached and told the truth when it's given for their best interest.

  • Players that truly want to learn the game.

  • Families that want something different than the ugliness that typically surrounds youth and travel sports.

  • Parents who understand their role and are content to play that role and not one of the other three (coach, referee, player).

How do you know if you should pass this opportunity up?

  • Players who aren't serious about the game but just want something fun to do.

  • Players who do spring basketball just because their parents want them to stay busy and in shape.

  • Parents who want to coach from the stands and distract their daughters during games.

  • Parents who fail to understand how difficult it is to officiate and why we're losing officials at a rapid pace. (You'll never see me chew out referees!)

  • Parents who feel their daughter is a gift to the organization and should be the star of the team. We teach and play true team basketball - The Beautiful Game!


Our primary focus has been and will continue to be on skill development with an emphasis on offensive skills including ball and decision making skills. We don't spend our time teaching plays and presses to make the organization look strong. We teach them how to play the game.

For those who are not ready for this level of play but would be interested in our girls only training groups, please see our Swish Girls Basketball page. 


We're looking forward to an exciting spring and summer in 2024.

For more info:, (770) 995-0198

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This space could be your business!
This space could be your business!
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