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Thank you for your interest in Swish Atlanta training and skill development programs. Since we don't believe becoming an elite player should require an elite income, our goal is to provide year round quality training at affordable fees. Our special emphasis on shooting skill development puts us right at the heart of the game's greatest need.

Swish Atlanta was formed to dispel common myths regarding basketball shooting and put players on the path to mastering this skill. We believe the reason most players can't shoot is because they're being taught mechanics that simply do not work. We exist because great shooters are too rare.

It's time for More Swishes – Less Misses.

The Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development training will continue to be the highlight of our offering as players come from all across the Southeast to benefit from this highly respected program. The program is also available to be hosted by organizations as a fundraiser. Come and experience why hundreds of colleges, travel and school teams at every level are effectively using the Pro Shot System. 

Thank you to our 2023 Swish Girls Travel Program Sponsors
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Contact Us

Swish Atlanta LLC

P.O. Box 491657

Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Phone: 770-995-0198

Bill Formella

Founder - Swish Atlanta, LLC

(770) 995-0198

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