Swish Girls Winter Basketball

The decisions made by Gwinnett County Public Schools to cancel all middle school sports and suspend all rentals of gym facilities to outside organizations are having some devastating ripple effects on youth basketball in the region. The Gwinnett Basketball League (feeder program) quickly followed suit and now area recreation leagues are struggling to come up with viable solutions to limited gym space. Some will offer a very reduced schedule while others will be forced to wait until the winter of 2021. As a partial solution to the problem, Swish Atlanta is offering a special winter version of our Swish Girls Basketball program, normally only offered in spring, summer and fall. Swish Girls Basketball features weekly training sessions coupled with Friday night internal game play. It's not a league or a travel ball program, but if you're looking for player development and game play exclusively focused on improvement, it is second to none. We have two groups set to begin on Monday, November 2nd with more potentially on the way. Our current groups include one for 5th & 6th grade girls and another for 7th and 8th grade girls. For more details, please see our Swish Girls Basketball page. Space is limited to 18 girls each and both groups are already nearly 1/2 full. If you have any questions please reach out to me at (770) 995-0198 or bformella@swishatlanta.com.

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