Free Pro Shot W/Covid-19 Benefit T Shirt

We're going all out to help our local heroes and those experiencing great need and we've just increased the benefit to those who join with us. All those who purchase our You Cannot Stop Us Covid-19 benefit T shirt will also receive a free Pro Shot Shooting Sills Development session - a $40 value. Here's the catch. We have to be able to find you in the order history and you've got to be wearing your shirt to get in. ;) ***Specified dates and locations only.....once it's safe and we're allowed!

Who Will Be Helped? Swish Atlanta will contribute 100% of the profits to bless our local heroes and those experiencing great need.

  • First Response & Frontline Medical Care

  • Food Pantries

  • Local Restaurants (Who will help us bless others)

In addition, the shirts are being produced by a local spirit wear manufacturer that is a key fund raising partner to over 50 area schools. If you like win-win situations, this is a win-win-win. Players, parents and our community all win. So come on basketball world! Show your love for the game and our local heroes and let's kick covid to the curb!!! Online ordering is available from our store. You may choose delivery or curbside pick-up. You Cannot Stop Us Covid-19 Benefit T

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