Swish & Covid-19: Our Chance To Help!

Who could have imagined the changes that have come upon our lives over the past month? Four weeks ago we were just getting started with our Swish Girls Basketball program and our girls travel teams. Our practices were strong and our Friday Night Family Nights were quickly becoming everyone's favorite. On Saturday, March 7th we held a very well attended Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development session in Forsyth County. The following Monday I started my day with great enthusiasm for all of the new and established players we were scheduled to work with this spring. Just a day later it all started to come unraveled. First Fulton County shut down schools throughout the county. I thought it was fake news. Later that week Gwinnett and Forsyth did the same. Our tournament scheduled to start on Saturday was canceled on Friday. A few days later Governor Kemp shut schools down throughout the state. I thought we were living in a science fiction movie. In the days since we've all struggled in one way or another. We struggle with fear, loneliness, and even anger. Some are facing the loss of a job while others have friends or family that have lost their lives to this disease. Yes, it has struck the Swish family very close to home as a relative of one of our own lost his life providing medical care to Covid-19 patients. As hard as it is for all of us in many, many ways, none of us face the kind of anxiety, fatigue and high risk that our first response and frontline medical providers are facing. Next in line are all of those who have lost jobs and don't know how they're gonna get by. Swish Atlanta has created an opportunity to show your appreciation for and compassion toward those who are struggling the most during this crisis. Calling All Ballers ~ Show Your Love For The Game & Our Local Heroes!

What started out as a campaign to keep our girls basketball program active and engaged while honoring shelter-in-place guidelines has now become an opportunity to raise funds to benefit first response and frontline medical professionals, as well as those who are struggling to keep food on the table. From now through April 30th ALL profits from the sale of our unique You Cannot Stop Us t-shirt will be used to help those mentioned above throughout Forsyth, Gwinnett and surrounding counties. In addition, locally owned restaurants will be helped in the process. Online Ordering is available. Choose your delivery method or curbside pick-up in Buford, GA. Stay tuned for more opportunities to help!

While we are facing challenges at home, I've come up with a way for those who love the game to show their commitment to press on and also demonstrate love and compassion toward those who are stI've come up with a new t-shirt design and have posted it to our online store. From now through April 30th all profits from the sale of this shirt will go to help food banks, first response and frontline medical providers across Forsyth, Gwinnett and surrounding areas. Swish Atlanta, and other area organizations, will be promoting the campaign on various social media sights as an opportunity for players across the region to show their love for the game and their appreciation for those who are putting their lives at risk on a daily basis.

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