Pro Shot Shooting @ Old Atlanta Park!

After a long delay due to Covid-19, Swish Atlanta is excited to continue our partnership with Forsyth County Parks & Recreation by offering the internationally acclaimed Pro Shot Shooting Skills Development program on Saturday morning, November 7th, at the Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center. Come and see for yourself why so many Hall of Fame coaches love the Pro Shot System! “Pro Shot is the best I have seen on shooting in years. Unlike any teacher of shooting I have met...Pro Shot validates the teaching through video of great shooters of the past and today. Some of Pro Shot’s teaching is ground-breaking, even controversial, but the film doesn’t lie!” Pat Sullivan Retired Coach Univers

Swish Girls Winter Basketball

The decisions made by Gwinnett County Public Schools to cancel all middle school sports and suspend all rentals of gym facilities to outside organizations are having some devastating ripple effects on youth basketball in the region. The Gwinnett Basketball League (feeder program) quickly followed suit and now area recreation leagues are struggling to come up with viable solutions to limited gym space. Some will offer a very reduced schedule while others will be forced to wait until the winter of 2021. As a partial solution to the problem, Swish Atlanta is offering a special winter version of our Swish Girls Basketball program, normally only offered in spring, summer and fall. Swish Girls Ba

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